Streaming Bundle Services from Great Plains Communications

Designed to give you more choices, plus streaming technology for the latest viewing devices.

This package has been created to keep pace with current technology trends, such as SMART TVs and over-the-top devices, allowing customers to stream content from their favorite channels. Subscribers will be able to view local network content the same day it airs in HD quality (where available) on the Limited Basic cable package. They will also be able to stream additional content over a High-speed Internet connection up to 3x faster than the standard bundle. Local content can be viewed anywhere on a tablet, Smartphone or PC though the WatchTVEverywhere app that is free to Great Plains Communications subscribers. Plus, the biggest benefit – a minimum savings of $39.00 per month over the traditional Cable TV & Internet bundle.

What is included in the Streaming Bundle?

  • 30 or 50 Mbps. Internet connection (speed availability may vary by specific address)
    • Minimum 30 Mpbs. required
  • Limited Basic Cable TV package (channels 2-22)
    • Local channels in HD where available
  • Dual-band wireless AC router (AC represents the latest industry technology)
  • Service Assurance plan
  • Free wireless service
  • One HD/DTA receiver
    • Additional receivers available for $3.95/month per box
  • Access content from NBC and ABC on the WatchTVEverywhere app that is free to Great Plains Communications subscribers.
    • This provides the ability to view content from these networks on your mobile devices or home computers.

With all these value added features, the streaming bundle is a win for subscribers who appreciate the freedom of choice and the convenience of today’s latest viewing technology.

Call 1-855-853-1483 today for more details – and START STREAMING!