Business Internet


We know downtime is not an option.


High demand and strong competition require today’s businesses to be constantly connected. Video conferences, credit card transactions, website access, and research are all accessed via an Internet connection. Great Plains Communications can offer your business the high-speed connection it needs to thrive in today’s ever-changing, competitive environment.

Great Plains Communications Internet Features:

  • Fast speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Highly-reliable, fiber-based connection
  • Managed Ethernet solutions to connect multiple locations
  • Fully-scalable and flexible services designed to meet both your needs today, and your growing future needs

How Internet Moves Your Business Forward

  • Increased Efficiency
    Your employees can work more effectively without waiting for information to download or upload – more efficiency means more profitability.

  • Improved Reliability
    A strong, reliable connection means your company runs without interruption due to troubleshooting and downtime.

  • Ease of Collaboration
    Whether it is collaboration with customers or co-workers, high-speed Internet saves time, money, and the stress of finding a way to connect.

Business Internet Testimonials

hughes2There used to be no Internet competition in Seward, NE, and with our previous provider, we were getting speeds of 50 Mbps. When Great Plains Communications came to town, Hughes Brothers switched to their fiber Internet. Our speeds have quadrupled up to 200 Mbps download and upload. As great as these faster speeds are, however, the number one reason we switched to Great Plains Communications was cost. Great Plains Communications offered HB a better price for more speed. The decision was a no-brainer.”
- Lee Meysenburg, Hughes Brothers IT Manager, Seward, NE
MikesCC GPC 8Our new Internet service from Great Plains Communications is 10 times faster than the satellite service we had before. Things go much more quickly now, which is great, since we do a lot of work online. For example, when you’re in the business of classic cars, you just can’t go to a local car parts store to get what you need. We have to search online and work with many different sellers, some in other countries, to find the rare parts required for our restoration.”
- Mike Patak, Owner of Mike’s Classic Cars, Elkhorn, NE