As you have probably noticed, 80 degree days are being forced out by low 70s and even cooler evenings. Fall is approaching, with winter not too far behind. Have you installed that fence you’ve been meaning to get to all summer? Is that old tree in the backyard not going to make through another heavy snow filled winter? Great Plains Communications would like to take a moment to remind our customers of the Digger’s Hotline.

Keep in mind that the projects we are referring to are more than just planting some tomatoes or putting in some new bushes around the fence. If you are planning to dig more than 6 inches into the ground, you should start off by calling 811.

The Digger’s Hotline keeps track of the many electrical wires, Internet Cable, sewer lines and other wires that run underneath your city. These pipes and wires can run underneath streets, businesses, parks and your home. While we here at Great Plains Communications traditionally bury our Internet, Cable and Phone wires at least 6 ft. underground, some wires may be placed as little as 6 in. underground.

In addition to the 811 phone number, the Digger’s Hotline also has a website you can visit, at There you can find information on digging projects, upcoming events, new laws and even registration for a Damage Prevention Class.

Remember that it is your duty to call before starting a project, and if you do damage any pipes or wires, you may be liable. Protect yourself and your neighbors and call 811 first!

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