High-Speed Internet for Business

High demand and strong competition require today’s businesses to be constantly connected. Video conferences, credit card transactions, team chats, website access, and research all require a reliable and fast Internet connection. Great Plains Communications provides the high speeds and reliable connection required to help your business thrive in in today’s ever-changing, competitive environment. 

Why Great Plains Communications for Your Business Internet?

Fully scalable Internet solutions from Great Plains Communications provide businesses the fast, reliable options they need to increase their bottom line and streamline processes.

Our local teams will provide a full evaluation of your technology needs, and then provide the best Internet service to fit the unique needs of your business.

Internet download speeds that range from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps

Highly reliable, fiber-based connection with diversity options

Fully scalable services designed to meet your needs, both now and in the future

Personal service by highly qualified and certified local teams

Enhanced DDoS proactive monitoring and mitigation to protect your business from DDoS attacks

The Benefits of High-Speed Internet 

From schools to healthcare institutions to banks and even the local café, a reliable, fast Internet connection increases the potential of all businesses, regardless of size to succeed. With a reliable Internet connection, you can help your business move forward as you will be able to:

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Increase Efficiencies

When the Internet goes down, efficiency and progress come to a halt. As the need to transfer higher and higher levels of data increases, speed and uptime are more important than ever. A fast, reliable Internet connection allows businesses to download and upload information more efficiently, meet the needs of their customers, and collaborate with ease. These increased efficiencies mean higher profitability.

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Collaborate Effectively

Internal meetings or video conferences can be tough when the connection is slow. A strong Internet connection eliminates downtime from dropped calls, lost connections, and buffering. Successful Internet-based collaboration ultimately results in getting to market faster and expedited resolutions.

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With slow Internet, adding more users or devices to your network can bring an already sluggish connection to a standstill. A high-speed connection you can count on will allow your business to add multiple devices and encourage customers to access a fast network when they visit.

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Access Cloud Features with Ease

As businesses become more accustom to cloud features and programs as a resource, the need for bandwidth and speed increases. A consistent Internet connection will allow your company to upload and access cloud data with ease.

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Lower Your Overall Costs

A reliable high-speed Internet connection increases productivity, allowing your business to accomplish more in less time. That means your annual costs decrease over time!


There used to be no Internet competition in Seward, NE, and with our previous provider, we were getting speeds of 50 Mbps. When Great Plains Communications came to town, Hughes Brothers switched to their fiber Internet. Our speeds have quadrupled up to 200 Mbps download and upload. As great as these faster speeds are, however, the number one reason we switched to Great Plains Communications was cost. Great Plains Communications offered HB a better price for more speed. The decision was a no-brainer.

Lee Meysenburg

IT Manager, Hughes Brothers, Seward, NE

Our new Internet service from Great Plains Communications is 10 times faster than the satellite service we had before. Things go much more quickly now, which is great since we do a lot of work online. For example, when you’re in the business of classic cars, you just can’t go to a local car parts store to get what you need. We have to search online and work with many different sellers, some in other countries, to find the rare parts required for our restoration.

Mike Patak

Owner, Mike's Classic Cars, Elkhorn, NE

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