Business Voice Services

Want to add high-quality, reliable voice services to meet your expanding technology needs? Great Plains Communications can help! We have everything from business voice VPN to enterprise VOIP solutions. Plus, enjoy local and long-distance services and cloud communications options to stay connected without ever losing clarity.

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Business Voice Services

Great Plains Communications offers a wide range of business voice options that each come with their own set of benefits to any size business! Explore our options and read through the table below for more details.

  • Unified Communications
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
  • Local & long-distance calling
  • Private Branch Exchange System (PBX)
    • Including VOIP PBX for small businesses
    • Learn more about ourVOIP features & pricing

Voice Options & Benefits

Discover the benefits!

  • Hosted Voice System: Same features as a traditional phone system, but with less overhead costs
  • Cost Effective: Lower capital expenditures and long-term operating costs for hardware, maintenance, and installation
  • Scalability: Add additional seats as your business expands
  • Collaboration: Scheduling, screen sharing, and instant messaging
  • Remote Locations: Connect branch offices and remote locations with minimal equipment cost

Improve cost efficiencies by consolidating voice and data traffic through a broadband connection in a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) environment.


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Combined voice, data, instant messaging, and application sharing
  • Ability to blend premise and cloud-based services
  • Fully scalable to meet present and future needs

Provides a data overhead to carry information and features such as Caller ID for medium to large size businesses.


  • Direct Inward dialing allows callers to bypass the PBX auto attendant or receptionist
  • Caller ID
  • Voice and data transmission on available lines
  • Trunk hunting allows calls to land in any free channel to avoid annoying busy signals
  • End-to-end digital lines provide enhanced call clarity and increased reliability
  • Enhanced security over analog phone lines

This on-prem PBX is a total solution for managing changing technology over a system that features collaborative functions between multiple devices, presence management, audio, text or video chat and synchronization with Outlook Calendar.  These systems are designed to give businesses the flexibility to connect with their customers wherever they are and from whatever device they are using.


  • Fully scalable systems to grow as your business grows
  • Exceptional quality and clarity
  • On-prem infrastructure results in increased reliability
  • It can manage multiple devices simultaneously and seamlessly route office calls to a mobile using a single number

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Great Plains Communications offers single-line and multi-line traditional phone options. In addition to local calling, there are a variety of long distance and international plans available to extend the reach of your business.


  • Reliable and clear connection
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable and cost – effective solution for small businesses

Reliable and cost-effective for telephone meetings with participants in dispersed locations.


  • The ability to conference up to 32 participants in one call
  • Reduce and/or eliminated travel costs

Accommodate customers outside your local calling area with a toll-free calling option. Great Plains Communications can even provide custom numbers to brand and promote your business or port an existing toll-free telephone number.


  • Custom specialty numbers available to brand your business such as 1-800-BUYLOCAL
  • Provides a toll-free option to your clients at an affordable per-minute rates

Unified Call Distribution (UCD Groups)

  • Combines hunt groups with basic call queueing
  • Auto-attendant with on-hold-music
  • Wallboards display volume of calls in queue

UC Call Center

  • Sophisticated call routing, including skill-based
  • Advanced queue management and call treatments
  • Customizable, on-demand and scheduled reports

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