We’ve discussed the importance of calling before you dig many times through this blog, on our Facebook page, and in bill inserts.

Some may say that we’ve sounded the drum a few too many times when it comes to this issue, however we believe that’s not possible.  As the main digging season comes up, we’re reviewing what you need to know before you dig.

This is the official “Call Before You Dig” month in Nebraska:

Governor Heineman officially announced April as “Call Before You Dig” month.  You might see utility and Cable trucks driving by with new awareness signs to help you remember to make the call.  Nationally, it’s Safe Digging Month.

Even shallow digs can cut wires:

While many companies, including Great Plains Communications, traditionally bury cables at least 6 feet underground, some cables are buried mere inches below the soil.  Simple yard updates, such as putting in posts or anchoring a swing-set, may not seem like big enough projects to warrant a call, but they can cause major damage.

There is an answer for every question:

The Digger’s Hotline of Nebraska has a lot of great tools for prospective diggers.  The best of which may be the Digger’s Handbook.  This handbook has answers to just about every question you may have and is a must read before you start any digging project.

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