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Through our satellite Internet partner Viasat, Great Plains Communications can offer Internet solutions to customers in the more rural areas of Nebraska!

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Viasat Internet Options

No matter where you live, finding an Internet provider shouldn’t have to be difficult. We’re proud to partner with Viasat to offer our more rural customers a different type of connection that gives them access to high-speed Internet services!

With Viasat, you’ll receive a fast, reliable connection that keeps you connected to friends and family. Choose from one of three data options* today!

Bronze 12

  • Up to 12 Mbps Download Speed
  • 12 GB of Data
  • Video streaming (at small screen quality typically 360p)
  • Includes Buit-in WIFI
  • $69.99/month

Silver 25

  • Up to 12 Mbps Download Speed
  • 25 GB of Data
  • Video streaming (DVD quality typically 480p)
  • Includes Buit-in WIFI
  • $99.99/month

Gold 30

  • Up to 12 Mbps Download Speed
  • 30 GB of Data
  • Video streaming (at HD quality typically 720p)
  • Includes Buit-in WIFI
  • $149.99/month

Any current WildBlue customer can also upgrade their current satellite Internet package.

Speed and Service availability may vary by location and is determined by specific address.

One-time installation charge of $199

Learn More About Viasat Satellite Internet!

If you’re looking for a new Internet provider in your area, speak to a Great Plains Communications customer response representative today about these great offers! Call 1-855-853-1483 for more information or simply fill out the form below.

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