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The Ultimate Gift List for Your TV Lover

Stumped on gift ideas for the television addict in your life? Well, these three gifts should be at the top of your list, they’re so great you don’t even need to check them twice.

  1. Although, it will never be able to replace cable, The Roku should be at the top of your list. The Roku is a box you connect to your TV that makes it super easy to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, music and games right on your television. It streams applications such as Netflix directly from the Internet making it simple and seamless to enjoy their favorite types of entertainment instantly. There are four different types of the Roku ranging from $49.99 to $89.99.
  2. Help your TV junkie upgrade their Smart TV without having to buy a new one. The Samsung Evolution Kit allows you to upgrade select 2012 Smart TV models by plugging the kit into the back of the television. The kit creates a hub where you can browse and organize all of your entertainment into five panels. With the Evolution Kit you don’t have to browse your TV to find shows that you like, you can simply ask your television to recommend shows based on your preferences. There are 17 television models that are compatible with the Evolution Kit, so for only $299.99 you get a device that keeps you current as new technological improvements come about.
  3. The Logitech Harmony Smart Control System is a great gift for your TV lover. This sleek system turns your smartphone into a remote control for your TV system. The Harmony Smart Control System has the capability of controlling up to 8 components giving you everything you need right in the palm of your hand. With the Harmony wireless system and free app you can control which channels you watch simply by pressing on the icon on your smartphone screen. Starting at $129.99 the Harmony Smart Control System will change the way your TV lover watches their favorite programs – wherever they take their phone and make sure to stay safe!


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