786307681We understand, you probably love your cell phone.  In fact, more than half of people even take their cell phones to bed with them every night.  However, a cell phone is likely not enough to satisfy all of your technology needs when it comes to making and receiving phone calls.  This is particularly true in the many areas across the state where cellular towers provide spotty coverage, at best.

Keeping a landline phone can provide you significant benefits at a very low costs.

Landlines are safer: If you are providing sensitive information, such as your social security number or credit card data, it’s best to do it over a landline.  That’s because the frequencies used to transmit cellular calls are easy to hack and the risk is growing as thieves become more advanced.  A landline transmits your call over a wireline.  Much, much more secure.

Many home security systems also rely on landline technology to reach their technicians.  If you are looking at adding extra security to your home, a landline may be in order.

Landlines are consistent: When was the last time that you had to worry about your landline dropping a call?  Whether you are calling a customer service center with a long wait (obviously not us!), working from home, or just chatting with friends, a landline will provide a smooth call that you can truly enjoy.  If you use a wireless landline phone, then you also know the benefit of being able to walk around your home without worrying about dead zones in your home.

Less likely to miss calls: The option to turn your cell phone ringer on vibrate or silent is wonderful when you are at the movies or in a meeting.  However, that same technology means that you might miss a truly important call.  A traditional landline phone has a clear ringer that can be heard around the home, especially if you have more than one phone set up for the same number.

Whether your children are out for the night, your boss needs you on-call, or you are waiting to hear from your best friend across the country, you don’t have to worry about missing the call when you have a landline.

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