Can you believe that Thanksgiving is two weeks (and two days) away? We can’t. The holidays can be stressful. Maybe you are planning a menu for the one time a year your extended family will gather around the table. It could be a Friendsgiving this weekend and you are looking for a creative appetizer to impress. No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, it most likely includes food and loved ones. Great Plains Communications has looked to our cable channel, Food Network and highlighted some of our favorite tips to help keep stress out of the recipe this year.

6 Sanity Saving Thanksgiving Tips

This quick 46 second video crushes some common issues such as lack of roasting rack, fridge space, and how to transport warm dishes like gravy.

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Apps

Remember that creative and delicious don’t have to mean expensive or complicated. The creative aspect could be how you serve a classic dish such as this butternut squash soup. Make it a shooter with a couple garnishes and your guests will appreciate the portability.

Freeze-Ahead Thanksgiving Feast

All of these dishes can be frozen up to 2 weeks, which means you could get some prep done this weekend and relieve some of the headache that comes with lack of counter space and stovetop burners the day of Thanksgiving.


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