Home Phone Services

At Great Plains Communications, we provide customers in more than 90 Nebraska communities with home phone services that help them stay connected to those closest to them, whether they’re right down the street or across the country!

Landline Services

Landline services from Great Plains Communications offer a crystal clear, affordable connection.


On top of that, our landline service options include:

Unlimited local calls

Long-distance and international service options

Up-to-date calling features

A residential directory listing

Better yet, we offer all of this at a much lower price than regular cellular service plans! Easily find out what services are available in your area today by calling 1-855-853-1483.

Save More with a Bundle!

Want to save up to 40% on your monthly home phone bills? Bundle with one of Great Plains Communications’ other great services, including high-speed Internet and cable TV.

Calling Features

With home phone services from Great Plains Communications, you can easily enjoy the latest calling features*, such as:



Call Forwarding

Easily forward calls to your office, cell phone, or anywhere life may take you.


Caller ID

See who’s calling you before answering. When combined with call forwarding, you can also see who is calling even if you’re on the other line.


Call Number Blocking

Block your number from being displayed through caller ID on a temporary basis or permanent basis. Note that you cannot block your number when calling 800 or emergency services, including 911.


Call Waiting & Cancel Call Waiting

Be alerted of another call coming in through call waiting. Want uninterrupted conversation? Simply activate the Cancel Call Waiting feature before placing a call!


Personal Ringtones

Add up to three personal ringtones to your landline so you can always know who’s calling, whether it’s kids, spouses, or other family!



Speed Dial

Easily program one-digit dialing to get in touch with your most frequent contacts quicker.


Three-Way Calling

Add a third party to an existing telephone conversation with just a click.


Voice Messaging

Automatically transfer any incoming call to a 24-hour message center and then retrieve those messages quickly with your personal identification code.


Warm Line

By simply picking up the handset or pressing talk on your cordless phone, you can call emergency services or a per-designated contact number!


Pest Control

Take control over unwanted telemarketing calls with just one button. Screen every call, alert telemarketers that you’re not interested in their solicitations, and simply allow friends and family to call with the touch of a button.

To ensure access to emergency 911 services in the case of a power outage, a battery backup unit must be installed in the home. This equipment and installation are available from Great Plains Communications for a one-time fee (Applies to Fiber to the Home and Cable Modem customers only)

Long-Distance Services

Great Plains Communications makes it easy for you to make long-distance calls with our flexible calling options! Keep in touch with loved ones nationwide on a service plan that meets both your needs and budget. No hidden fees or time-of-day restrictions. Our flat rates apply to calls made from your home phone to anyone in the United States, 24-hours a day.


Simplicity: $0.21/minute

Perfect for the casual caller who uses less than 100 long-distance minutes per month.

Simplicity Gold: $0.17/minute + $3.95/month

For the medium-volume, long-distance callers who use 100-200 minutes per month.

Simplicity Platinum: $0.16/minute + $5.95/month

Need more than 200 long-distance minutes per month? Simplicity platinum is your best choice!

International Calling

Great Plains Communications makes it easy for Nebraska residents who travel the world, or want to stay in touch with someone out of the country, to stay connected with international calling plans! Enjoy keeping in touch with friends and family around the world without having to purchase calling cards.


To find specific rates for the country you would like to call, select from the list below.

If you’d like to enroll in an international calling plan, contact a Great Plains Communications representative today!


Lifeline Telephone Assistance Program

Qualified low-income subscribers throughout the state and on tribal lands may be eligible for the Great Plains Communications Lifeline Discount Program. Find out if you qualify for reduced rates on monthly phone costs today.

Service Assurance Plan

Keep yourself protected from unexpected repair costs or trip charges by enrolling in a Service Assurance Plan! For just a small monthly fee, you can avoid unwanted charges on your monthly bill.

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