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GPC Whole Home WIFI, Powered by Plume HomePass®

It’s WIFI without limits! Empower your technology for a wireless mesh network experience that connects your entire home from end to end with consistent speeds, network reliability and abundant security features.

Studying, gaming, working and streaming are just some of the countless ways families use their home WIFI connection every day. The continuous rise in internet use, especially with theincreased number of people working and studying remotely, has created an immense need for superior whole home WIFI solutions.

Plume HomePass® is the most manageable and practical option for whole house internet. A Plume HomePass® system provides reliable signal throughout large homes with multiple people online simultaneously. It’s the recommended option for anyone needing reliable high-speed internet with advanced capabilities. Gaming, 4K streaming and video calls are seamless without annoying lags, dead spots or downtime.

Other WIFI signals may be disrupted by concrete, brick and other dense home construction materials. Great Plains Communications’ whole home internet with Plume HomePass® easily reaches all areas of your property despite the construction material or distance. The initial access point plugs into your router while additional points extend and optimize WIFI coverage throughout your home.

There are no blind spots, and you can always utilize advanced features, such as parental controls, in-home motion sensing and 24/7 cyber protection. Choose GPC Whole Home WIFI, Powered by Plume HomePass®, and you’ll never have to huddle around the router for a fast, reliable signal again.

What is Plume?

Equipment used may vary.

App Features

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Plume Adaptive WIFI™

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Parental Controls

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AI Security™

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Manage Your Network Like a Pro

As people and devices come and go in your house, GPC Whole Home WIFI Powered by Plume HomePass® lets you see which devices are accessing the internet and how much is being uploaded or downloaded. Our mesh network technology allows you to block and unblock specific devices from accessing the internet.

Device Usage & Management

A tap on each device provides insights into the signal strength and bandwidth consumption. You also can see which Access Point the device is connected to.

Daily Insights to Fine Tune Your Setup

The Plume app delivers daily reports on your home WIFI signal strength and network activity. Get placement tips that help you fine-tune your wireless mesh network based on the ways you’re using it.

WIFI That Knows the Whole Family

Who’s playing games? Watching TV? Streaming music? Keep track of which devices are connected and how people are using them, you’ll always enjoy peace of mind at home.

Magically Simple to Set Up

Plug the Access Point Device(s) in and let the system go to work! GPC Whole Home WIFI Powered by Plume HomePass® recognizes all of your devices, identifies the flow of traffic and starts to optimize your home network. The Plume app helps you manage the setup with a few quick taps.

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

Create a Plume account and set up your Access Point for whole house WIFI solutions without limits!

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1. Download the Plume app from either the Apple Store or Google Play, then launch the app.

Plume step 2

2. Choose Set up Plume and enter your name and email to create your Plume account.

Plume step 3

3. Passwords must be at least eight characters.

Plume step 4

4. Check your email and verify the email account that will be associated with your new Plume account.

Plume step 5

5. Next there are a few steps to set up your Access Point Device(s). There is an option for advanced setup if needed.

Plume step 6

6. Enter your WIFI name and password. There will be a series of helpful on-screen tips for additional Access Point device placement.

Plume step 7

7. If you have more than one Access Point Device, plug them in and add them to your network now.

Plume step 8

8. Be sure to enable notifications. This will help you be aware of your home network activity.

Plume step 9

9. Your Plume membership will begin with a cloud update to ensure your Access Point Devices have the latest firmware.

Plume step 10

10. Finally after you’ve allowed Plume to join your network, you’ll be taken to the home screen. Over the next 24 hours, your new Plume WIFI network will optimize to create the best performance for your connected device.

Contact our Customer Response Center at 855.853.1483 to disable your current wireless service. This will enable maximum GPC Whole Home WIFI performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GPC Whole Home WIFI actually work?

GPC Whole Home WIFI Powered by Plume HomePass®, is a cloud-based system. The square footage of your home determines the number of Access Points needed to power your home and provide reliable and consistent speeds from end to end. You simply plug in the access points , download the Plume app and set up your devices.

Is it necessary to perform updates to the software in order to maintain the service?

No. The service automatically updates to keep pace with both technology and the needs of your home wire-free internet network.

Does GPC Whole Home WIFI replace my current router?

Yes. This is a wireless mesh network that will replace current WIFI access points. We will work with you to shut down your current GPC router to enable GPC Whole Home WIFI. If you own your own router, please refer to the instruction manual to disable the wireless settings.

Does GPC Whole Home WIFI protect me and my devices?

Advanced IoT (Internet of Things) Protection protects your smart home devices like WIFI-enabled cameras and appliances and creates blocks against hackers. AI security features provide threat protection against ransomware, mining and malware for the devices connected to your mesh network.

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