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Residential Services + Support | 855.853.1483

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CNET Website Banner Location Pages 01

Residential Services + Support  855.853.1483

Business | 833.341.2324

Incredibly Fast Fiber Internet Services For Homes & Businesses

Great Plains Communications gives homeowners and businesses in McCook, NE, blazing-fast speeds with our always-on high-speed internet connections. But that’s not all — we also offer the opportunity to bundle your home fiber internet service with landline phone and TV services to save up to 30% a month. Work faster and enhance your online entertainment experience with our full suite of technology solutions.

Whether you want services for your home or business, we can provide:

The Path to Becoming a Fiberhood

The design and construction process for a new fiber build can take months may be affected by various factors including inclement weather, easements, pole attachment agreements, etc. Despite these factors, our company is dedicated to getting your company to completed Fiberhood status as soon as possible. There are four phases to the process.

High-speed Internet

Our home internet services are delivered with lightning speeds and ultimate reliability, thanks to our fiber optic network. With whole-home WIFI from GPC, every member of your family can stream, game, work and learn on all their wireless devices with a seamless connection and no dead spots. For commercial clients, our business services provide superior speed and dependability to allow them to stay in touch with clients and employees, share data, and streamline processes that ultimately benefit the bottom line.



Enjoy multiple voice features with our home phone services. In addition to unlimited local calling, you’ll also benefit from features including Caller ID, voice messaging and more. Business owners can choose from traditional phone lines, cloud-based VoIP or Unified Communications and the latest features available. GPC can provide the voice package that meets your unique needs.



Adding GPC iTV streaming video to your Internet and phone bundle means you’ll never have to worry about missing your favorite shows and movies. As your TV service provider, we offer video streaming services as well as local channels. Plus, it comes with built-in DVR and no monthly equipment fees! We also help business owners provide their customers with the top news, sports and more.

Phase 1 | Design

Our Engineers partner with city officials and utilities to design the best path to deploy fiber to your area. Once completed plans are approved- construction begins.


Phase 2 | Construction

Fiber is deployed in underground areas of the community and, in some cases, with a combination of aerial and buried fiber. Once this phase is completed our teams are ready to splice and test the fiber.


Phase 3 | Splicing & Testing

This last step in the construction process involves experienced technicians splicing and testing individual fibers to ensure optimal performance, speed and reliability.


Phase 4 | Fiberhood Complete

During this final stage, you can sign up for service and get your installation completed by an experienced GPC Fiber Technician. Once your install is complete, your home is fiber-powered and you can enjoy your services.

Why Fiber Internet?

There are plenty of reasons to choose fiber internet for your McCook home or business. With an always-on fiber internet connection, you can work, learn, game and stream on all your devices with the best speeds.



Use all your devices at the same time without lagging or buffering

Download movies and music at speeds up to 20x faster, and upload content to social media in the blink of an eye



Symmetrical upload and download speeds mean exceptional performance for gaming and video calls

Fiber connections are always on, even during bad weather



Adding fiber internet connections can increase the resale value of your home by up to 3%

Fiber uses less energy, which means a reduction in your utility bills

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McCook Service Center

The McCook service center serves communities in McCook, Culbertson, Hayes Center, Indianola, Palisade, Stratton and Trenton. Stop by to talk  with a representative, pick up or drop off equipment and sign up for services.

If you have questions, we’re here to help! Give us a call or send us a message today.

1009 W B St
McCook, NE 69001

Monday – Friday | 8:00am – 5:00pm

Let’s Connect

Tell one of our local team members about your business and we’ll help determine the solution that will best fit your needs. We look forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals.

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Why Fiber Internet?

Say goodbye to downtime, outages and buffering and say hello to an always-on Internet connection that allows you to work, learn, stream and game on multiple devices with the fastest speeds available. Plus, it’s a great value!


Superfast streaming on multiple devices with no lag or buffering

Download music and movies up to 20x faster and upload photos and videos to social media in a snap


Symmetrical upload and download speeds for superior gaming performance and video calls without lag

A fiber to the home connection is constant, even in bad weather


Increase the resale value of your home by up to 3% with a direct fiber connection

Requires less energy than other internet delivery methods, which lowers your energy bill

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