High-Speed Internet

Looking for a fast, reliable Internet connection? Great Plains Communications can help! With high-speed Internet options with download speeds ranging from 15 Mbps all the way up to 1 Gig, getting the speed you need has never been easier.

Knowing What Speed You Need Is Important

There are a number of factors that go into choosing the best Internet speed for your home. Consider the following questions to ensure you have the right Internet speed to meet the needs of your household.

How many people will be connecting to the Internet?

How many wireless and wired devices does your family have?

Do you utilize online education or work from home?

How many videos do you stream at one time?

Does anyone in your home do online gaming?

Your answers to these questions can affect your online experience. If you choose a speed that is too slow and have multiple people streaming videos or gaming, you may experience lag time and/or buffering.


Choosing the Right Internet Speed

Your Internet connection is like a highway: the more traffic that is on the road, the more congested and slow the experience becomes. When multiple devices are running simultaneously, bandwidth is used up quickly and a traffic jam can occur, resulting in buffering and lag. The more devices you are running, the more speed you will need.

Not sure how much speed you need? Here’s a helpful breakdown of the different speeds we offer and how each works:

30-50 Mbps

2-3 devices

Basic Internet functions


Online shopping

Streaming video on 1 device

75-100 Mbps

3-5 devices

Downloading medium to large-sized files

Video chatting

Streaming HD video on up to 3 devices

Online gaming on up to 2 devices

200-500 Mbps

5-10 devices

Streaming Ultra HD on multiple screens

Multi-player online gaming

Working from home

Downloading and uploading large files

750 Mbps – 1 Gig

15 or more devices

Streaming 4K Ultra HD on multiple devices

Unlimited online gaming

Connecting multiple smart home devices

Working from home on multiple devices

To find out what Internet speeds are available in your area and set up service, call 1-855-853-1483!

Other Internet Services from Great Plains Communications


Viasat Internet

Get faster Internet speeds through our satellite Internet partner, Viasat! Satellite Internet is a great option for some of our more rural customers in need of a different type of access.


Tech Home

Get the complete online protection you need from Great Plains Communications with our Tech Home Device Protection. Add up to four devices!


TotalTech Services

Never be without support with 24/7 support from a TotalTech Maintenance Plan! Don’t struggle to fix issues on your own or spend hundreds of dollars on repairs. TotalTech certified technicians can securely access your PC or Mac remotely to diagnose and fix most problems. Give us a call at 1-888-723-4932 for more information or to order service today!

Whole Home WIFI

Take control of your wireless network to create a WIFI experience without boundaries. The intuitive technology adjusts to the online habits of your family providing consistent speeds, reliability and security in every corner of your home. Manage and monitor devices, create guest networks, monitor smart home devices and  more. With a simple self-installation process and a multitude of features, GPC Whole Home WIFI, powered by Plume is a great value and a superior product to meet the increasing wireless needs of today’s households. 

Super Pods

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