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Residents in Nebraska and Southeast Indiana will always find reliable high-speed internet, cable and streaming TV and phone options from Great Plains Communications. Our fiber-optic cable network drives highly reliable services designed to meet the growing bandwidth needs of your household.

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Service Options in Nebraska & Indiana

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High-Speed Internet

Get the connectivity and fast home internet speed you need with no lag or buffering while working from home, browsing the internet, multiplayer gaming or streaming TV. The options and advantages of high-speed internet are endless with our advanced fiber-network services.

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Home Phone

Unlimited local phone calls come in crystal clear with our preferred phone services! Make local, national or international calls without issues. Add long-distance or international calling to your landline services today.

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Home TV

Never miss a minute of your favorite TV shows, sporting events or news with our incredible cable TV options! Add premium networks like HBO or Starz to maximize your viewing experience.

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Special Streaming Service

Our cable TV customers receive free access to the watchTVeverywhere service automatically! You’ll be able to stream your favorite shows from anywhere on any device. All you need is an internet connection!

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