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Check to see if GPC fiber is available for you!

Please enter your house number and zip code.

Example: For the address 123 Enterprise Drive, Anytown, NE 68115, just enter 123 in the house number field and 68115 in the zip code field, then select the lookup button.

Checking for addresses

What Fiber Plans are Available and What’s the Price?

You will be able to determine if you are in a Fiberhood by submitting your house number and zip code in the address lookup field above. If your submission returns results you are in a Fiberhood, you will be able to view service plans, pricing and submit your order for services.

If fiber services are not currently available to you, the interest form will collect your location to be considered for possible future fiber builds and/or indicate if other GPC services are available at your location.

The Path to Becoming a Fiberhood

The planning and construction process for a new fiber build can take 6 to 12 months and can vary due to factors such as inclement weather, easements, pole attachment agreements, etc. There are four stages:


Gather feedback from areas interested in GPC fiber services.


Activity begins occurring in your area. You’ll see our trucks and techs at work.

About 120 days to complete.


Construction is fully underway. Once completed, you will be contacted to schedule drop installation and pre-wiring.

About 90 days to complete.


Your services are turned up. You are now part of a Fiberhood with speeds up to 2 Gig.


Why Fiber?

Work, play, and stream from home, and with speeds like these, you won’t want to leave your home! With the fast and reliable speeds up to 2 Gig, you can surf, stream and game on multiple devices without lag or buffering.


Symmetrical upload and download speeds for superior gaming performance

Stream on multiple devices with no lag or buffering

Download music and movies up to 20x faster and upload photos and videos to social media in a snap


A fiber to the home connection is constant, even in bad weather

No interference from outside influence

Work and learn from home without your connection dropping


Increase the resale value of your home by getting a direct fiber connection

Requires less energy than other internet delivery methods

Why GPC?

Fiber-driven services with the fastest speeds available. What sets our company apart is our exceptional customer service. From the first customer contact through turn-up, you will work with a local team that’s committed to getting your family the speed and connection they need.

Over 110 years of experience providing forward-thinking technology to homes and businesses

Local office, customer service representatives and technicians

No contracts or data limits

Competitive pricing

Superior customer experience

Full suite of fiber-driven servies

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