Great Plains Communications Service Assurance Plan

With a Service Assurance Plan from Great Plains Communications, you can protect yourself against unexpected repair costs and trip charges for as little as $3.49 per month!

Service Assurance Plan Protections

Gain peace of mind by adding a Service Assurance Plan to your suite of Great Plains Communications services!


Repairs and/or replacement of wiring beginning at the demarcation point - where the public telephone network connects with a residence or business on-premises wiring - to the phone jack, Great Plains Communications modem or cable TV receiver.

Replacement of fitting, connectors, amplifiers, outlets and splitters installed by Great Plains Communications

Wiring or cables damaged by non-domestic animals

Repairs or replacements to Great Plains Communications cable TV set top boxes, remotes, modems or routers

Troubleshooting and problem isolation by a Great Plains Communications representative

Trip charges associated with repairs and/or equipment replacement falling under the plan guidelines

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Uncovered Charges

The following services and equipment are not covered by our Service Assurance Plan*:

  • Customer-owned electronics or equipment, including modems and routers
  • Wiring damaged by fire, lightning, flood or other natural disasters
  • Wiring damaged by gross negligence, willful damage, vandalism or domestic animals
  • Installation of new wiring or relocation of existing wiring
  • Installation of new customer-owned electronics or equipment
  • Wiring not installed by a Great Plains Communications technician
  • Trip charges associated with repairs and/or issues not falling under the Service Assurance Plan guidelines

*By law, wiring inside of the premises is the property and responsibility of the consumer

Trip Charges & Labor Costs

For any item in need of repair or replacement outside of what’s covered under the Service Assurance Plan, the following charges may apply:

Trip Charge - $50

Labor Charge - $50

First 30 minutes
$35 – Each additional 30 minutes


Will vary and be quoted prior to repair or replacement

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