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What Is Long-Distance Calling?

Long-distance calling works by someone making a phone call from one LATA (local access and transport area), which are geographic areas covered by one or multiple local telephone companies, to another LATA both in-state and across state lines.

In-state and outstate calling options require a long-distance carrier, and by choosing Great Plains Communications to cover both, you can worry less about keeping track of multiple bills and multiple providers!

IntraLATA Calls

IntraLATA calls are calls made between two LATAs within the same state. Think Chadron to Omaha. The call remains within the state but is transferred, typically, between two different local exchange carriers.

InterLATA Calls

InterLATA calls are what you may traditionally think of when considering long-distance calling, as you are making calls between states.

LATA map | Great Plains Communication

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