It’s that time of year again!  No, not New Year’s Resolution time; it’s time to take a look at the best of the mid-season offerings.  All four of our picks this year are thrillers that practically guarantee to keep viewers at the edge of their seats.

There are certainly a lot of new shows to pick from this year and an equal amount of space to fill, particularly on the Peacock Network.  Though, you won’t find much new on CBS.  It’s only adding two new shows to its entire line-up!

Ashley Judd and Sean Bean head up this thriller about a retired CIA agent (Judd) who gets back in action after her son goes missing in Europe.  The show boasts gorgeous international locales and some pretty sweet fight scenes, too.

The Firm – NBC – Thursday January 12th (normal airdate) Sunday January 8th series Premiere

This serial sequel to the box office hit of the same name starring Tom Cruise is guaranteed to be exciting TV.  The show picks up years after the movie and finds Mitchell McDeere back in the hot seat as the target of a powerful law firm.  Hopefully quality shows like this will help pick the Peacock Network up from the perennial 4th place spot it has found itself in.

Alcatraz – FOX – Monday January 16th

Speaking of going from the big screen to the silver screen, Sam Neil makes the jump in FOX’s new drama, Alcatraz.  Part cop drama and part Lost, Alcatraz follows a group of agents tracking down inmates who mysteriously vanished from Alcatraz 85 years ago.  This one looks all the way entertaining.

Awake – NBC – Coming Soon!

In what may be the best show to come to TV in years, Awake follows a detective who wakes up after a car crash to find out he has lost his wife and is now raising his son as a single father.  When he goes to sleep however, he wakes up immediately to find his wife alive and son killed in the accident.  Living in two separate worlds, not knowing which one is real, he must solve cases and live in both.

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