Big Ten Football Preview: Nebraska

Airing Saturday, August 24th on BTN at 7pm CT

The Big Ten is finally ready to “Go Big Red.”  Get the first in-depth look at the 2013 Huskers in the Big Ten Football Preview of Nebraska.  The program will feature new interviews with key players and coaches, analysis by the Big Ten crew and unseen practice footage.  It’s followed up by the record-setting 2011 comeback against Ohio State!


Nebraska vs. Wyoming

Airing Saturday, August 31st on BTN at 7 pm CT

Nebraska vs. Southern Miss

Airing Saturday, September 7th on BTN at 5 pm CT

As any Husker fan knows, one of the biggest perks of the Big Ten is the access to non-conference games without expensive Pay-Per-View fees.  This year, the first two games of the season will be aired exclusively on the Big Ten Network.   Great Plains Communications offers BTNHD in many of our communities.  Find out if it is available in your area here. Nebraska Page

Airing 24/7

While the Big Ten Network is where the main action is at, features its own share of killer content.  Today, for example, you can catch a new interview with Ameer Abdullah, Ciante Evans, or Jason Ankrah!  Plus you can find out when Husker programming will be on the Big Ten Network, read Husker specific analysis and the chance to connect with other fans.

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