Wayward Pines

Looking for some new suspense in your life? Wait no longer than May 14, 2015 when Wayward Pines premieres its first episode on FOX. With a combination of drama, fantasy and suspense all wrapped up in a small town nobody seems to leave from, you know there are secrets waiting to be revealed.


The excitement of the 60’s, a combative detective and a missing young girl are just a few of the things you could find in the new series Aquarius, premiering May 28, 2015 on NBC. What starts out to be a missing person case is quickly revealed to be in connection with the notorious Charles Manson.

The Whispers

When numerous fatal and mysterious incidents occur in Washington D.C., an FBI child specialist is called in to understand the connection to a group of children who claim their imaginary friend Drill told them to do it. Don’t miss the drama and suspense filled new series The Whispers premiering June 1, 2015 on ABC.

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