Winter premieres have been in full swing since the New Year, with shows such as Togetherness, Galavant and Fresh off the Boat. Great Plains Communications has highlighted a few that will be starting this March and are worth keeping an eye out for.

Secrets and Lies

Starting March 1, 2015 on ABC, Secrets and Lies starts the story about the murder of a young boy and the mysteries of a suburban community where the boy lived and died. The show takes you through a complicated look at Ryan Phillippe’s Ben Crawford as he starts as the Good Samaritan but quickly becomes Juliette Lewis’ prime suspect.

The Last Man on Earth

Also starting March 1, 2015, The Last Man on Earth portrays FOX Network’s version of a post-apocalyptic comedy. The story follows Will Forte as he lives the life of pure freedom, freedom brought on by being the only person left on Earth. Growing out his beard, not wearing pants and roaming around in hopes of finding other humans, are just a few of Forte’s tasks to pass time.

American Crime

Premiering March 5, 2015 on ABC, American Crime takes a look at a brutal crime committed on a young couple and how it affects the community. Told by multiple points of view, the show builds on dramatic scenes and implied tensions.


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