We are taking a look back with our cable channel, the History Channel, to This Day in History: July 20, 1969 when American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the surface of the moon.

Apollo 7: First manned Apollo mission – orbited Earth and successfully tested many of the systems needed to execute a moon landing

Apollo 8: Took three astronauts to the far side of the moon and back

Apollo 9: Tested the lunar module for the first time while in Earth orbit

Apollo 10: took the first complete Apollo spacecraft around the moon as a dry run for the scheduled Apollo 11 landing mission

Earlier this year, we had a paradigm shift in how we explore the stars when a private company SpaceX delivered astronauts @AstroBehnken and @AstroDoug to the International Space Station. It was the first astronaut launch from the U.S. in nearly a decade.

Explore space through these 6 adventures you can launch from home this summer!

  • NASA.gov brings the Universe to you. There’s NASA STEM@Home, with out-of-this-world activities for grades K to 12 – from puzzles and rocket building projects to astronaut training programs and virtual reality tours of crew facilities. Test your piloting skills with a docking simulator and familiarize yourself with the controls of the interface used by NASA astronauts to manually pilot the SpaceX Dragon 2 vehicle to the ISS.
  • Considered one of the premier air and space museums in the United States, the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum is a Smithsonian Affiliate located in Nebraska. The QUEST! Exhibit features over 20 interactive stations focused on navigating by air, at sea and on land, with a Navigating the World video tour. Plus, online content from S.A.C. TV has plenty of activities to do at home. Great Plains Communications is honored to be the communications and technology partner for the Museum.
  • Do Space Omaha is a community technology library, digital workshop, and innovation playground with a host of digital services for all ages. Executive Director Rebecca Stavick from @DoSpaceOmaha talks about curiosity, using technology and where ideas come from in a “What If…” Innovator Insights segment. https://bit.ly/2QSDSrY Great Plains Communications is proud to support community technology access and education in Omaha as a Visionary Corporate Sponsor.
  • The SpaceX launch has no bigger fan than Iowa’s Tim Dodd, also known as the Everyday Astronaut. A science communicator, photographer, musician, YouTube educator and cohost of the “Our Ludicrous Future” podcast, he brings space down to Earth for everyday people and makes it fun! As Tim says, “I fell head over heels in love with spaceflight” and it grew into an obsession. It shows. Check out his interview with his buddy SpaceX CEO and Chief Engineer Elon Musk about the launch.
  • What’s a good age to become a Kerbonaut? The popular online computer game “Kerbal Space Program” lets space nerds of all ages manage their own space agency. Set on Kerbin–the fictional Earth-like planet home to space-faring creatures known as Kerbals–Jebediah, Bill, Bob, Valentina and the others fly rockets and perform impressive space exploration missions using realistic physics and orbital mechanics.
  • Finally, The Force of Star Wars and its effect on space technology is undeniable. Catch up on the newish Disney Plus live-action streaming on the adventures of a lone bounty hunter in a galaxy far, far away and meet Baby Yoda in Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

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