As portable devices such as laptops, iPads and smart phones continue to increase in use so does the potential for these devices to get fried in the summer heat.

Here are a few simple ways to protect your electronics this summer season:

  1. It may sound like common sense, but don’t leave your electronics inside your car during the summer months.  If you must stow your devices, place them in the trunk or underneath a seat where the sun can’t reach them and they will stay at least a little cooler.
  2. Keep devices in the shade when not using them.  If you are lounging by the pool or at a BBQ, make sure that you have a shady place to put devices when not in use.
  3. Take care when using them, too.  If you are going to be using the device for a long time, it’s advisable to find a shady area to protect your device from the summer sun.  You can also try a cooling pad.
  4. Store your device in a foamed neoprene cover.  The same material that is used to create wetsuits conducts heat far less efficiently than cotton or other natural fibers. That lack of conduction means that your device stays much cooler than if left out in the open.  Certain kinds of plastic can also help.
  5. Don’t leave the screen out in the sun.  It’s true that e-readers like the Kindle are glare-free and can be used in the sun, but when it isn’t in use, don’t let the screen sit out.  Spending too long in the sun can bleach the screen.
  6. Be vigilant at home, too.  Keep electronics out of direct sunlight.  Also, if you are prone to turning off the air conditioning in your home while you’re away, think about setting the thermometer to 80 degrees instead to ensure that your home doesn’t get too hot for your devices to handle.


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