Some of our customers’ favorite programming on GPC-TV, our local community channel, is high school sports programming including football, basketball, and volleyball.

In order to provide hours of sporting coverage every week, we work with high schools from around the state to provide their home team’s games.  Already this year, we have received dozens of hours of footage and have aired various fall sporting events.

We recently rolled out our winter sports replay contest where we asked athletic departments in the communities that we serve to send in a DVD recording of their winter sporting events.  Schools will earn donations for their athletic departments. Plus, the school who submits the most events that are aired will win a grand prize of a $500 grant.  An iPad is also being awarded to the school with the best video recording quality.

The new contest means that we’ll have tons of local sports programming for you to enjoy all winter long.  Cheer on local basketball teams as they play for a spot in the state championships or check out the up-and-coming volleyball players who could be the next Husker great!  It’s going to be a great winter full of wonderful competition on GPC-TV!

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