DeniseKalinski072114Congratulations to our newest winner, Denise Kalinski of McCook, NE. She won a $100 Visa Gift Card in our Auto-Pay & Paperless Billing Contest.  There have been more than a dozen winners since the contest started.

To sign-up for this contest, simply sign-up for Auto-Pay or Paperless Billing Services.  If you are already enrolled, then you are already entered to win!  If your name is picked, you receive $100 per service for up to $200 in Visa Gift Cards.

Auto-Pay allows you to set-up automatic billing for your Great Plains Communications’ account.  When you sign up for Auto-Pay, you will never have to worry about paying your bill on time again.  You never have to remember your bill or write a check. Who doesn’t want to make their life simpler?

Paperless Billing also helps streamline your billing services.  You won’t receive a paper bill in the mail anymore.  Instead, you will use the much more robust eBill system.  This system allows you to track your long-distance minutes, see your billing history, and pay your bill online (if you don’t have Auto-Pay).

Take a minute to say congrats to our newest winner in the comments section below!


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