Recently, Great Plains Communications dealt with a situation that has affected many phone companies across the nation.  However, we are pleased to report that it appears that the issue has been resolved.

The situation centered on Robocalls.  These calls are made via an automatic computer system using a pre-recorded message that often solicits for personal information.  The calls often originate overseas, yet have false U.S. area codes.

While most of these calls are simply annoying, they can be potentially fraudulent if they try to get your personal information. Our customers did not receive scam calls, simply messages that were attempting to reach a fax machine.  Since the calls are automatically made, they are sent out 24/7, which means that calls may come in the middle of the night.

We want our customers to know that we understand how annoying these calls were over the last several weeks.  To help our customers, we provided a landline blocking feature at no cost for one month.  While this issue was not unique to our customers, we did want to make sure that their service was not compromised.

Our team worked very closely with our customers and the Federal Communications Commission to investigate these Robocalls and put a stop to them.  According to the latest reports from our Customer Response Center, the calls have stopped.  We want to thank our customers for reporting this issue to us.  Our accurate tracking of the situation did help to provide the FCC with vital information.

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