More than 2 million military service members have been deployed since September 11, 2001, with many having served multiple tours thousands of miles from home. It is safe to say, everyone in the United States has a tie to someone in the military; if that is a cousin, a friend, a father, or a spouse. Great Plains Communications wants to thank you for the sacrifice made by our troops and their families.

By bringing back our Support Our Troops Program, we hope to help you send a little piece of home to your soldier serving overseas or stateside this holiday season. From November 1 through December 31, 2014, Great Plains Communications is offering free shipping to customers with loved ones in the Armed Forces.

We understand the stress of the holidays and we want to help. Below are the simple instructions to getting the goodie box to your loved one, on us.

  1. Get a 12 x 12 x 6 box from your local post office.
  2. Fill it with approved items and fill out registration, including your Great Plains Communications account number.
  3. Great Plains Communications will send you a pre-paid postage stamp for the standard rate on this specific box offered by the post office.
  4. Attach the stamp and your Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note to the outside of the box and take to your local post office.

With October half over, November 1st will be upon us faster than we think. Don’t forget to take advantage of this opportunity, and let us hold some of the weight from the holidays. For more information on our Support Our Troops Program, visit our website at

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