It’s Severe Weather Awareness Week here in Nebraska, appropriately right on the eve of Tornado Season.

When severe weather hits, as it did recently in North Platte, being able to communicate with others in your community and across the nation (and maybe the world) is critically important.

Having access to information via your Internet, Cable and Phone Services can make a huge difference in your safety and your family’s peace of mind. It’s important to make sure that you’re ready for severe weather before it strikes. Here are a few tips to make sure that your communications technology is prepared.

It’s important to know where you’re going to go – In the case of a tornado, in which part of the house are you going to seek shelter? This area needs to be prepared with the proper communication tools

  • A landline phone – High cell phone traffic can overwhelm towers and cause signal loss. A landline phone increases the chance of getting through. Plus many landline phones are either self-powered or have far longer battery life than cell phones. This is especially valuable if the power is knocked out.
  • An Internet jack and cable – If your shelter is a basement, your wireless router may not provide a strong enough signal. Having a wired connection available means that even in the most remote parts of your home, you will be able to connect.
  • A TV – Many people seek shelter in a bathroom or basement during severe weather, places that don’t normally have a TV. To make sure that you still have access to news and weather updates, make sure there’s a TV in your selected shelter location. A small, portable TV with a cable input will allow you to stay informed.

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