Boys Town is one of the leading nonprofit childcare agencies in the U.S. With nine sites across the nation that have services and programs ranging from hospitals to residential family homes to behavioral health clinics, a fast, reliable and secure fiber network is vital for Boys Town to continue their mission of changing the way America cares for children and families.

Boys Town first began talking with Great Plains Communications (GPC) in 2019 as they were seeking a low latency, cost effective and high-performing fiber Internet provider to expand their network to connect the two main headquarter hospitals in Omaha and provide large transport bandwidth between them. Great Plains Communications was able to respond quickly and deliver a complete solution to help them connect their hospitals, provide bandwidth and connect their data centers effectively.

“Great Plains Communications could provide a more flexible solution for Boys Town than other carriers. Due to rapid growth of our facilities, Great Plains Communications was also able to start the project, build fiber routes, install equipment and complete the project more quickly,” said Christopher Wren, Sr. Vice President of Information Technology.

This experience has resulted in a successful technology partnership between Great Plains Communications and Boys Town, with GPC teams working closely with this valued customer to identify the custom solutions that will not only keep their facilities connected but will also enable them to extend their reach to more children and families in need utilizing reliable, fast, fiber-driven services.

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