Great Plains Communications is proud to highlight another one of our business customers, Do Space in Omaha, NE.

What can you do at Do Space? You can enroll in a class to develop tech skills, work on a creative project using design software, prototype a product with a 3D printer, register a child in a robotics club, use a meeting room with high-end touchscreen technology, get assistance troubleshooting a new tablet and much more.

Empowering a Diverse Membership

Do Space is all about empowering the community through access to technology and innovative learning experiences. Located at 72nd and Dodge next to Crossroads Mall and near the University of Nebraska Omaha campus, Do Space is in the heart of Omaha. It’s also on the bus line to make it available to more people.

Rebecca Stavick, Executive Director at Do Space, says, “We currently have more than 34,000 members. Our memberships are free — similar to getting a library card — and are designed so everyone can get one. There are no residency requirements; you could be a visitor to Omaha and get a Do Space membership.”

Stavick adds, “I’m continually impressed by the diversity of our members. They’re of all different ages and backgrounds from all over the city. At Do Space, you’ll see little kids, seniors and every age in between. We offer learning opportunities for all levels of expertise, from a beginners class on the Internet to advanced programming.”

DoSpace 2

Tech Tools and Training

Members have access to a wide variety of popular and emerging tech tools as well as technology classes, workshops and events hosted at Do Space. Most services at Do Space are offered free of charge to members, but there is a nominal cost for printed materials.

Do Space is many things in one place:

  • A technology equalizer – giving people from all walks of life access to technology.
  • A technology enabler – empowering everyone with the tools and guidance needed to learn, create, explore and invent with technology.
  • A technology educator – creating a new path for technology literacy and understanding its potential while providing opportunities for advanced learning.
  • A technology innovator – changing the shape of technology education and actively playing a role in technology advancement and creation.

Members of Do Space can get their hands on exceptional hardware. There are more than 50 public access PCs and Macs, 60 laptops, 12 iPad Air and 80 Kindle Fire HD tablets. In addition, both a full-color scanner/copier/printer and a wide-format printer are available for printing even the most complex documents, and the 3D Lab has 3D printers, a 3D scanner and a laser cutter.

Software for business and home use is also at your fingertips at Do Space. Computers are loaded with current business productivity programs such as Microsoft Office along with various creative programs for audio, video and image editing. Other options include advanced design tools, accessibility software and specialized communications apps.

Gigabit Internet From Great Plains Communications

Keeping all this hardware and software running at peak performance is Great Plains Communications’ 1 Gigabit Internet service including Wi-Fi. This super-fast connection enables Do Space members to take technology to the next level. “Do Space is knocking down tech barriers like the slow, terrible Internet connections people may have at home. Some software needs advanced speed, and Do Space has it. We’re the only community organization that offers 1 Gigabit Internet for free in Omaha,” Stavick explains.

Stavick appreciates Great Plains Communications and the reliability of their Internet service, noting, “We don’t ever worry about our Internet going down or lagging in the afternoon during high-traffic periods. We can have hundreds of people online inside Do Space and it doesn’t impact our Internet performance. I’ve always found Great Plains Communications to be incredible with customer service and a great partner for Do Space.”

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