Great Plains Communications is proud to highlight another one of our business customers, QC Supply based in Schuyler, NE.

QC Supply had humble beginnings, selling livestock products to local producers out of a garage in 1982. The company has since grown into an international distributor of products for farms, businesses and resellers worldwide.

Diverse Products, Many Markets

“We cater to the swine and poultry markets but also supply cattle, sheep and equine operations. QC Supply offers an extremely diverse selection of products,” said Quentin Nelson, Marketing Manager. Categories include Farm & Livestock, Home & Outdoors, Commercial & Industrial, and Clothing & Footwear. QC Supply also provides turnkey facility construction.

The company’s headquarters is in Schuyler, Neb., and includes a call center, retail store and the largest QC Supply warehouse. Also in Nebraska is an Omaha office. There are currently 35 QC Supply locations in 14 states and that number continues to grow.

A Switch to Great Plains Communications

In 2015, QC Supply became a customer of Great Plains Communications in Nebraska after having an unsatisfactory experience with a national communications provider.

Nelson said, “Previously there was no fiber available to our Nebraska locations. We experienced Internet problems on a regular basis including frequent outages. The prices were painful as well. As QC Supply grew, our Internet requirements grew.

“We found out Great Plains Communications was coming to our area, and we wanted their dedicated and reliable fiber for our Internet service. So we switched to Great Plains Communications. They bore underground and into our Schuyler and Omaha buildings to connect us to their fiber network.”

Much Faster and More Reliable Internet

The change to DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) from Great Plains Communications resulted in substantial improvement in both Internet speed and reliability for QC Supply.

“The Internet speeds at our Schuyler headquarters went from 10 Mbps with our previous provider to 200 Mbps with Great Plains Communications. This enabled us to expand and grow our company in other states. Our other locations connect to our headquarters, which keeps things centralized and provides for efficient communication with our remote locations. We can also now use cloud-based programs including a robust backup system,” said Nelson.

Regarding reliability, Nelson added, “In the three years we’ve been customers of Great Plains Communications, we’ve had only two Internet outages that each lasted a total of 15 minutes. Their technicians responded immediately to address the issues. I’d describe the Internet service as even better than we expected.”

Future Growth Propelled by Today’s Service

Nelson believes there’s tremendous value in working with a local provider like Great Plains Communications.

He explained, “Great Plains Communications gives us fantastic support. We can call their network department and talk directly to someone in charge who understands our business. We don’t have to wait around for answers. By contrast, with our previous provider, our Internet service once went down at noon, and it took us until the next morning to even get them to understand the problem.”

What’s ahead for QC Supply? Nelson answered, “QC Supply likes to lead the industry in technology in order to support our customers across the country and grow our business. We’re currently in a growth acquisition mode across our many divisions including e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores and construction services. Great Plains Communications is assisting us with this growth by supplying the fast and reliable Internet service we need. We appreciate that.”

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