Is security at your business locations keeping you up at night? Are you confident that your business assets are always protected? Would you know if a restricted area was accessed or if your store closed early unexpectedly?

While you can’t always be physically on site to oversee operations, the GPC Smarter Business Security system keeps you abreast of what’s happening at all of your locations. It’s a unified real-time intrusion, surveillance and access management protection solution through a single-app and website user experience that can be accessed and managed from anywhere.

Here are some of the ways the GPC Smarter Business Security system protects people and helps ensure properties are secure.

24/7 Monitoring 

Valuable assets, inventory, equipment, safes and more are continuously monitored. You are notified immediately if there’s unexpected activity at a location.  Say there’s a break-in or suspicious activity in a secure area. Maybe the power went out after hours or there’s a water break. The 24/7 Security Central Station monitors all locations and provides alarm notifications and accompanying video clips if suspicious incidents do occur.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

View live and recorded video through your web dashboard or app anytime, anywhere. Share video footage as easily as sending a text. Plus, secure, reliable cloud storage can’t be disabled or damaged if there is a fire or flood. You always have the video surveillance evidence readily accessible if the need arises. Video surveillance is available using up to 16 cameras and 5,000 cloud video clips.

Access Control and User Codes – COMING SOON!

Access control and unique user codes help keep employees, visitors and assets safe. You have control over the areas and times employees and visitors can access specific areas. Designate a unique user code for each employee and easily manage the codes online with just a few clicks. A security system can be automatically armed at a set time or during a period of inactivity. Plus, reduce your energy bill by automatically adjusting the thermostat for when your business is closed and set temperature parameters for when your business is open.

Business Insights

Receive daily, weekly and monthly reports that provide valuable data about your business operations, from multiple locations. For example, a graph can show the volume and timing of traffic into your business (e.g., front door swings). With that insight you can adjust staffing to ensure typical busy periods are covered. A report can also detail what times your business locations were opened and closed each day.

The GPC Smarter Business Security service is powered by for Business, the leading platform for the intelligently connected property. If you’d like to learn more about a smarter way to secure your business, contact us today at 833.341.2324 or [email protected].

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