Managed Ethernet Services

What is E-Line?

Ethernet Line (E-Line) is a platform-agnostic, layer 2 point-to-point or point-to-multipoint service that can traverse between any two or more customer sites located in the Midwest. GPC E-Line service is protected within the core and can be ordered as Ethernet Private Line or Ethernet Virtual Private Line.

Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

This is a point-to-point port-based service that is intended to be highly transparent in the sense that service frames sent are delivered with as few modifications as possible. Traffic within these frames is managed by the customer.

Ethernet Virtual Connection Graphic

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)

This is a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)-based service where Great Plains Communications (GPC) manages the VLANs for the customer.

Dedicated Ethernet Connection Graphic

What is E-Lan?

Ethernet Local Area Network (E-LAN) is a platform-agnostic, layer 2 multipoint-to-multipoint service that connects a number of customer locations via two or more User Network Interfaces (UNIs) providing full mesh connectivity for customer sites located in the Midwest. Each UNI can communicate with any other UNI that is connected to managed Ethernet services. GPC supports EP-LAN and EVP-LAN configurations.

Multipoint EVC Graphic

Benefits and Features of Ethernet Network Management

» Provides access to more than 29 data centers and carrier hotels in Omaha, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Chicago, Indianapolis and more across the Midwest

» Helps control the cost of connecting multiple sites with point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint configurations

» Supports speeds up to 100 Gbps with predictable, low-latency transport

» Operates on GPC’s MEF-certified fiber network

» Includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) supported 24/7/365 by the Network Operations Center (NOC) in Blair, Nebraska

Great Plains Communications has numerous additional telecommunications services to provide a total technology solution to fit the needs of your business. Ask about our business internet services, wireless internet backup, GPC Cloud Connect, GPC DDOS protection, business security services and more.

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