Today is Flag Day. While no one gets the day off of work, it’s still a pretty special day to many Americans.  Flag Day is the celebration of when our founders chose the Stars and Stripes as our national flag.  It was the first time that the entire country was united under one icon.

So we’re celebrating with a little Flag Day trivia!

1. Though there are no official meanings attributed to the colors of the flag, according to a book published by the House of Representatives in 1989 the colors were meant to indicate the following:

    • Red represents hardiness and valor
    • White represents purity and innocence
    • Blue represents vigilance, perseverance & justice


2.  Though the flag planted on the moon by Neil Armstrong is the most famous, it is not the only US flag to fly on the lunar surface.  There are actually six US flags on the moon!


3.  The Pledge of Allegiance became a permanent fixture in 1942.  More than 150 years after the first flag was voted on by the Constitutional Congress.

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