In today’s digital age, a reliable, fast connection is essential for businesses to operate efficiently and stay competitive. When businesses lose connectivity, they lose money and customers. A fiber connection is the clear front-runner for successful business as the internet connection of choice over traditional and outdated cable modem connections of the past. Here are more details about the benefits of fiber over outdated cable modems for your thriving business.

Bandwidth Scalability. One of the significant advantages of fiber optic internet is its ability to scale bandwidth according to your business needs. As your organization grows and demands more bandwidth, fiber can easily accommodate the increased requirements. In comparison, cable modems have internet limitations when it comes to scalability, particularly with upload speeds. This can hinder your ability to efficiently upload and transfer large files or engage in activities that require significant bandwidth.

Reliability and Performance. When it comes to reliability, fiber optic internet takes the lead. Fiber transmits data using light over dedicated glass strands, allowing for higher-speed signals over greater distances. This results in a more stable and consistent connection, minimizing downtime and providing a high-quality internet experience. In contrast, traditional cable modem internet relies on an existing cable TV infrastructure, which often leads to shared connections and potential service disruptions and speed limitations.

Cost Effectiveness. While fiber internet is considered a premium service, its cost is competitive when compared to the long-term benefits. Fiber empowers your business with streamlined processes and practices, increased uptime and faster speeds, ultimately boosting productivity and efficiency.  Unfortunately, cable modem service can be more expensive over time due to its limited scalability.


Great Plains Communications fiber internet solutions are designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses, providing a reliable, high-performance connection that fuels productivity and enhances profitability. Visit, call 833-341-2324 or email us at [email protected] to discuss how we can help you empower your business.

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