Last year, we at Great Plains Communications had the opportunity to work with a truly talented group of students from Arnold High School.

The students were part of the School House Graphics Program (SHGP).  The program, co-taught by Clay and Julie Mohr, has been operating since 2002 when the school’s art, industrial technology and business classes decided to create an integrated learning experience. The program serves to expose students to several different professional careers including financial planning, business administration, sales and, of course, 3-D graphic design.

Arnold High School Float

Students have worked with companies from all over Nebraska including Custer County where they created and installed more than 1,200 911 identification road signs.  It also designed more than a thousand trophies for National American Miss Beauty pageants.  These talented students also created the float above for Great Plains Communications’ 100th Anniversary Celebration (thanks again guys!).

“This business has greatly impacted my life! I feel like I am so much more ahead than others my age because of the experience I had there!  I have learned what it takes in order to run a successful business and how to conduct myself in a business manor.  I now have confidence when going into job interviews and speaking with customers.  These skills are so helpful and I have benefited from them in many ways.  Also being able to work on my creative and art skills helped me so much. I was able to practice using computer design programs that has put me ahead of the knowledge that others have,” says Natalie Sage, a former School House Graphics student-employee

The program and its teachers have received several awards and honors.  Mohr was awarded the Nebraska Teacher of the Year award in 2004 and Julie  received the Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award for their work with SHGP last year from the Nebraska Education Technology Association.  SHGP is also the only program in Nebraska to be recognized by Apple, Inc as an Apple Exemplary Program and is one of 40 across the nation to receive the award.

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