Did you know that Creighton is the BerryPepper capitol of America (more on that in a minute)?

It’s also the birthplace of Great Plains Communications.  Only back then, it was called the Camp Dewey Telephone System.  E.C. Hunt, founder of Great Plains Communications, came to Creighton to be the General Manager and shortly bought majority share in the company.  Find out more here.

creighton street

Here’s a little bit more about the town the started it all at Great Plains Communications:

It’s a haven for nature lovers The Bruce Park Arboretum is home to more than 200 varieties of woody plants and helped secure Creighton’s standing as a “Tree City-USA”, which it has been for nearly two decades.  The area is neighbored by two state parks, Niobrara State Park and Ponca State Park.

It’s a haven for Dr. Pepper lovers, too – According to Creighton’s website “The BerryPepper is a “frozen concoction” that combines the taste of strawberry with Dr. Pepper soda to create a delicious summertime snack. Originally created in 1968 by then swimming pool manager Biff Warren, the BerryPepper has since been a favorite snack for visitors to the pool.”

Oh, and Santa lovers – Taking more than 2,000 man hours and 300,000 lights to create, SantaLand draws visitors for miles with its motorized exhibits.  The event, which begins in early November and runs through Christmas, takes place annually at Bruce Park.

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