Recently, MSN Money posted an interesting article titled Why I Am Keeping My Landline.  While it’s obvious to us why having a landline is so important from a safety and security point of view, the author brought up several unique points.

Here are the highlights:

1. Older relatives and friends have hearing issues and thus have trouble understanding conversation conducted via cell phone. Anyone who has used a landline and then used a cell phone can attest that voice has never been as good over a mobile device.  For the sake of your grandma, keeping your landline just makes sense.

2. Landlines never “drop” a call.  It’s a given that cell phones will lose reception yet consumers just put up with it.  While that may be fine when you need to place a call outside of the home, why put up with it in your own house or office?

3. Your landline is attached to an address, your cell phone is not.  Some cell phones have GPS, but that doesn’t always work.  If you call 911 and can’t get your location out, emergency personnel still know where you are if you call from a landline.  With cell phones it may be hit and miss. The middle of a medical crisis is not the time to take that risk!

4. Your landline battery doesn’t die.  We’ve covered this one extensively.  Should a power outage occur, having a landline means you don’t have to worry about being cut off from the rest of the world.

These are just some of the compelling reasons to keep a landline.  What is your reason for keeping your landline phone?

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