Congratulations to the winners of our Cloud PC survey drawing!

First place: Owen Davids of Creighton who won a brand new iPad 2

Second place: Cris Fastenau of Sutherland who won a brand new iPod Touch

Third Place: Doug Hoops of North Bend who won a $150 Cabela’s gift card

The survey, which received more than 1600 responses, was one of the first steps in gauging interest for “Cloud” PC services in the communities that we serve.  Don’t know what “cloud” services are?  Well, “cloud” is a term used to describe data that is stored online rather than on a particular computer.

“Cloud” services have been around for awhile and include some very popular programs.  Webmail, iTunes, and online data backup are all examples of programs that store information on remote servers that can then be accessed from anywhere.

“Cloud” PC technology allows for the user to access his/her personal computer from anywhere in the world. Storing the “brains” of a computer on professional servers means users avoid hassles such as hardware malfunctions and outdated software.  Users would only need a monitor, mouse, keyboard and an Internet connection.  The rest is provided by the company.

Want to know even more about these services?  Click here.


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