Say congratulations to our quarterly customer survey winner, Judy Wilson!

If you have been a Great Plains Communications customer for more than a year, you have likely seen our quarterly survey.  The survey helps us to get feedback about how customers feel about our products and services.  In it, we ask about the service provided by our Customer Response Representatives and Local Technicians.  We’re very proud to say that both groups receive excellent marks!

We also ask about how our products benefit the lives of our customers.   It’s a very important way for us to understand how our customers think and find out what we can do better.  Many new products and policies have been shaped by the answers given.

Now, we are always eager to get better insights from our customers and we know having as many responses as possible helps with that goal.  We also know that taking a survey isn’t always very fun.  So we recently upped our game when it came to incentives!  This past survey, we entered all survey takers who opted to participate into a drawing for a brand new Samsung Tablet.  Our lucky winner Judy Wilson is pictured above with our District Manager, Mark McFarland and local technician, Brandon Thiele.

Those who receive the survey in the future will also have the chance to win a great prize if they participate, as well!  We reach every customer within a calendar year, so be on the lookout!  We always want to hear unbiased feedback, so it doesn’t matter how someone rates us.  It just matters that they complete the survey.  We are grateful for all feedback from our customers and are excited to continue to strengthen our channels for communication.

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