In the past, we wrote a series about how to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your Internet speeds.  Now we’re targeting the surprising ways that your Internet connection could be using significantly more data than you realize.

Why is managing your data usage important?  Well your Internet connection comes from the same pipe that you neighbor’s connection comes from.  When one of you starts using huge amounts of data, it can slow down other’s Internet speeds.   Transferring data also costs your Internet service provider.  When these power users consume so much data, it can increase prices for everyone.

Unfortunately, about 5% of the Internet users in America are what has been termed “data hogs.”  These users, which make up about 5% of all Internet consumers, download and upload significantly more bandwidth than the average user.  Since Internet bandwidth is a “shared resource”, that extra demand can negatively impact the speeds of other users.

Now some companies have started using data caps or “throttling,” which involves lowering a user’s speed to create more room for other users.  This option is used by many cellular phone companies who offer “unlimited” data plans.

In order to make sure that our customers don’t unwittingly become data hogs, we’re going to be providing helpful tips to manage your data consumption.  Stay tuned for our next blog where we examine the truly sneaky ways your data usage can skyrocket.

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