Blue Screen of Death

Things associated with computer failure tend to have ominous names (my personal favorite is the “blue screen of death”) and it’s no surprise why.  When your computer fails, it can be a heart-stopping experience.

While a complete computer meltdown is the worst case scenario, even smaller performance issues can wreak havoc on your productivity.  A slow computer, one that is constantly displaying error messages or that always seems to freeze at the most inopportune times, means hours of lost time and frustration.  If said computer is part of your payment processing system, then you may also be dealing with customers who become frustrated with slow processing.

You may be surprised to find out that Great Plains Communications can help with these problems.  That’s right; we have skilled computer technicians who can help get your computer back in perfect working order.  What’s even better is that we can perform most fixes online so you don’t have to ship your computer and wait for weeks to get it back.  That’s service most manufacturers won’t even attempt.

With so many features included in our computer repair services, it’s impossible to list them all here.  For more information, visit

And remember, if you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment.

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