Winter storm Jupiter spread a dangerous amount of ice across the Midwest the past few days and left many without power. Living in this area means beautiful seasons, but with them comes severe weather. While most people have a list of winter essentials, a landline telephone is often overlooked. You’re probably thinking, “Well I have a cell phone, why would I need a landline?” We don’t blame you. Cell phones are great on the go and bring some of the best technology right to your fingertips. What happens if your power is out for multiple days and your family has drained all the backup battery packs for your cell phones?

Great Plains Communications wants to shed some light on just a few of the advantages to having a landline telephone this winter.

  • Security in an emergency, with consistent reliable 911 connections designed to continue working during a power outage
  • No need for batteries or charging when using a corded phone
  • Elimination of potential faulty connection and dropped calls
  • Top-quality sound and clarity

Remember, if the power isn’t working in your home, your cordless phones have a limited lifespan. Keep your family safe this season and make sure you have a corded phone plugged into a wall-mounted phone jack. That way you can be sure to have a clear and reliable connection no matter what Old Man Winter throws our way. For more information on how you can get landline telephone service through Great Plains Communications, visit our website or call our Customer Response Center at 1-855-853-1483 and one of our representatives would love to get you set up today.

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