Every year, we get to help schools and students achieve their educational dreams.  With our help, schools in our communities have launched two school-run businesses, revitalized art programs, opened several iPad labs, and even created an aquaponics lab!  Our scholarship program has allowed students to attend two and four-year institutions across the state to study agriculture, law, engineering and much more.  Many of these students have returned to their home towns to keep rural America thriving!

We don’t want you to miss out on your chance to see yourself, your student, or your school succeed.  There are 24 days left to go to our Grants and Scholarships web page and fill out the application.  We are giving away up to $40,000 in support this year and it could help your community!  To visit the website and see a full list of available scholarships, click here.

If you have received a scholarship from Great Plains Communications and are currently in school, we would love to hear from you! If your school received a grant, we would love to know how it made the school better.  Let us know all of your wonderful stories in the comments section below!


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