The thought of transferring your email to a different platform can seem daunting. However, it can be a necessary task and Great Plains Communications has some tips to help ease the transition.

Why Change?

Many Internet service providers (ISPs) will offer a free email account when you sign up for their services. This is a nice perk, until you need to move or switch ISPs. Now all the eBills, online shopping, social networks, etc. are tied to an email address that will virtually disappear once you cancel service. Therefore, we suggest skipping the free email altogether or switching to an independent platform, such as Google’s Gmail, Yahoo’s Email or Microsoft

The Switch

So, let’s say you are looking to switch to Great Plains Communications for a more reliable Internet connection in your home or business. It’s time to tackle the email transfer process from your previous ISP. Here are some steps to take that will simplify the process.

Document your existing contacts.

Ensure you have a copy of important contacts and information from your previous email service. Many ISP services provide a way to export contacts into common file formats, such as .csv file.

Notify friends and family.

Consider sending a “My New Email Address” email from your old account to everyone in your address book and contact list that you want to keep in contact with. Inform them of your new address, when your new address will be active and when the old email will no longer be accessible.

If possible, change the “reply to” address in your old account.

If the deactivation of your old address overlaps with your new address, you may continue to respond to mail at the old address. You may be able to change the “reply to” address in the settings and make it your new address. Thus, any replies automatically go to your new address.

Set up email auto-forwarding.

Many ISPs allow you to auto-forward email from your old account to a new designated address. Keep in mind that this may be only for a set amount of time, or a fee may be charged. Check with your existing ISP or email provider to determine their policy.

Update online accounts and auto-mailers.

You must manually update your email address at Amazon, iTunes, your financial accounts, subscriptions and similar accounts. Use any overlap time your ISP or email provider allows to track messages from your various accounts and automated senders. Then, be sure to sign in and change your address.

Download these tips and more HERE.

Great Plains Communications support is always available if you have questions during the transition to your new email address and account. Additional resources may exist online that are based on the email client and email software you want to transition from.

If you have questions, please contact Great Plains Communications support at 1.888.343.8014.

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