Executive Leadership Team

Todd Foje

Todd Foje, Chief Executive Officer | Great Plains Communications

Todd Foje is Chief Executive Officer of Great Plains Communications LLC. Foje has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and became CEO in 2008. With prior experience as both a certified public accountant and an attorney, he has also held executive roles in other industries prior to joining Great Plains Communications.

Janelle Allison

Janelle Allison, Chief Operating Officer | Great Plains Communications

Janelle Allison joined Great Plains Communications in 2005 and serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer on the executive leadership team. She is a certified public accountant with over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance.
Josephine Bernson

Josephine Bernson, Chief Revenue Officer | Great Plains Communications

Josephine Bernson is the Chief Revenue Officer for Great Plains Communications. In this position, she is responsible for driving revenue generation efforts and identifying growth opportunities for the enterprise and carrier divisions of the company.

Tony Thakur

Tony Thakur, Chief Technology Officer | Great Plains Communications

Tony Thakur is the Chief Technology Officer of Great Plains Communications, where he guides the company’s technology vision and works to enhance its robust fiber network. He also implements new product technologies, identifies national geographic network expansion opportunities and introduces automation efficiencies.
Ken Pfister

Ken Pfister, Vice President of Strategic Policy | Great Plains Communications

Ken Pfister is Vice President of Strategic Policy for Great Plains Communications. He is responsible for the company strategy and policies as they relate to inter-carrier compensation, interconnection, universal service and other regulatory issues.
Kim Ptacnik

Kim Ptacnik, Vice President of Human Resources | Great Plains Communications

Kim Ptacnik is the Vice President of Human Resources (HR). Over the years she has served in roles ranging from HR assistant to supervisor to senior director, playing a key role in developing and inspiring the culture of high-performance that is the backbone of Great Plains Communications.
Mark Kerns

Mark Kerns, Vice President of Accounting and Finance | Great Plains Communications

Mark Kerns is the Vice President of Accounting and Finance. In this executive leadership team position, he directs the company’s financial management and growth strategy while also overseeing all aspects of the accounting operations.

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