Here at Great Plains Communications, we get excited when we can share new sites that we think make the Internet more fun or useful.  Well is one of those sites. is a site that brings together the most popular blogs about a particular topic and displays them for your perusing pleasure.  Sites are rated on popularity and the quality of content, so you know that you’re getting good information.  The blogs include online versions of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times alongside enthusiast who are just looking to share a passion.

One of the best features on Alltop is the variety of topics including a rural page that brings together hundreds of articles written about popular rural issues including small business marketing, food availability, and broadband access.   To see all of the articles currently available, click on the link here. You can also find this blog on Alltop in the rural section (shameless plug).

Other topics include fishing, hunting, healthcare and scrapbooking.  There are literally thousands of options to choose from!

Have another site that you love?  Let us know in the comments section below!


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