Halloween specials have become something of the norm for most television shows. Often adding a slight suspense to their usual plot, series such as Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Psych, and Criminal Minds are just a few of the multitude of shows who have had some fun adding a Halloween twist. Though we have come to expect the annual Halloween episode, Great Plains Communications has chosen five classic family-friendly Halloween movies that are sure to continue bringing a nostalgic smile to the entire family.

1.       Hocus Pocus (1993)

Over 10 years ago, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy became the three spunky Sanderson sisters we have all come to love. Children through the years have come to recognize the song, I Put a Spell On You and the soundtrack, mixed with the hilarious banter of the witches has earned Hocus Pocus a spot on our top five classic family-friendly Halloween movies list.

Sat. Oct. 25, 9:00 PM – ABCFAM

Sun. Oct. 26, 7:00 PM – ABCFAM

2.       The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

To bring a bit more music to the holiday, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a creative combination of musical fantasy and spooky humor. Tim Burton provides a fun experience for the whole family through the character of Jack Skellington.

Thur. Oct. 23, 8:30 PM – ABCFAM

Fri. Oct. 24, 6:00 PM – ABCFAM

3.       The Addams Family (1991)

The once cartoon family, has made it onto our list through their witty conversations and bizarre lifestyle. The Addams Family will make you laugh as you did watching it years ago, though still make you thankful they are not your relatives.

Sat. Oct. 25, 5:00 PM – ABCFAM

Sun. Oct. 26, 3:00 PM – ABCFAM

4.       Beetlejuice (1988)

Coming in as the creepiest of the bunch, is Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice. Looking past the somewhat disgusting measures taken by Beetlejuice, the movie puts a humorous twist on haunting ghosts.

Wed. Oct. 22, 5:00 PM – ABCFAM

Fri. Oct. 31, 6:00 PM – ABCFAM

5.       Casper (1995)

The 1995 movie has more than just a Halloween themed plot, but a relatability in the young lonely Casper. He is forced to scare people, but while doing so has won the hearts of children and parents alike.

Wed. Oct. 22, 7:30 PM – DISNEY

Mon. Oct. 27, 8:00 PM – ABCFAM

As the weather continues to get cooler, grab a blanket and some popcorn and enjoy the laughs and slight scares these movies have to offer with your little witches and goblins. Let us know what your favorite Halloween movie is, below!

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