The Fourth of July has been a federally recognized holiday since 1941. The original 13 colonies that gained their freedom from Great Britain marked independence by adopting the Declaration of Independence from Thomas Jefferson. America’s independence is commonly celebrated through parades, fireworks, cookouts, concerts, gatherings and more. In fact, people spend more than $1 billion on fireworks each year. Read more about the history of the Fourth of July here.

Party gatherings for July Fourth celebrations require a little planning. Whether you’re a host or a guest of a gathering, this day is an opportunity to try out some viral recipe trends that have been bookmarked and saved for too long. Here are some of our favorites:

Cowboy Caviar

It’s the perfect appetizer to hold over guests as the main entrée sears over the grill. It’s full of all the best vegetables like bell peppers, onions, corn and more. Social media first saw it on TikTok — now it’s all over the internet with people adding in their choice of veggies including avocado and jalapenos, even throwing in mangoes. The best part of this recipe is it’s customizable to you and your guests liking. The second-best part? It’s filling.


Cowboy caviar 🤠( side note: it was not too many beans!)

♬ original sound - bria lemirande

Watermelon Ice Cream Slices

Food Network has discovered a cool way to incorporate summer fruit, watermelon, and ice cream. Watermelon Ice Cream slices is the latest dessert to pass through social media. Although it does require more time to make the ice cream and chill it, the effort is worth it. With only four ingredients (small seedless watermelon, heavy cream, condensed milk and salt) you and your guests will love this summer dessert so much you’d wait another four hours for it.

But as much fun as the Fourth of July can be, it can also be quite dangerous. We want everyone to be able to fully enjoy themselves, and that means having a safe Fourth of July. Be it handling fireworks to grills or by the water, here are tips to stay safe this Fourth.

Fourth of July 2


If you plan to use fireworks, check your area to find out if there is a time curfew for lighting them.

  • Keep buckets of water near any firework
    • If a firework malfunctions, soak it in water and throw it away. Do not try to relight it.
  • Keep fireworks in a cool, dry area
    • Fireworks are not to be lit by or near children. The best place for your pets is in an enclosed area.
  • Light one firework at a time
    • Follow the instructions on the package for best results.


  • Check gas grill hoses for cracks, holes and leaks.
    • Do not add more charcoal starter fluid if the coal has already been ignited,
  • Stay two or more feet away from decks and other outdoor equipment
    • It is best to stay as far away as possible from anything that might catch on fire easily including siding and decks
  • Do not grill in an enclosed area
    • Fire, along with carbon monoxide, are two of the biggest risks associated with grilling in an enclosed area.

Water activities

  • Wear a life jacket
    • Children who are less than four feet tall and/or those who can’t swim should wear a life jacket
  • Set water rules for guests and family
    • Administer rules that help keep guests safe; Rules such as no diving, swimming after eating or running near the pool.
  • Keep a first aid kit near the water
    • In cases of emergencies, a first aid kit near the water is recommended for potential scrapes, cuts or filter a drain opening


Don’t forget to think about sun exposure and how important it is to stay hydrated and lathered in sunscreen if you’ll be outside for an extensive period. Have a fun, safe and appetizing Fourth of July!

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